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presto Dragon Quest Tact Icona del segno.

Dragon Quest Tact

SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd. 2.1.2
  • licenza Gratuito
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  • Download | 12
  • dimensione 208.65MB
  • ATUALIZADO 26.11.2021
presto Dragon Quest Tact Icona del segno.

Dragon Quest Tact

versione 2.1.2 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
Download | : 12 Atualizado em : 26.11.2021 SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.


pate in short battles in 3D scenarios divided into quadrants. All you have to do is kill your enemies before they kill your team of dragons, using Slime and others to fight valiantly as you more of the game's backstory is revealed. Each dragon has its own abilities that you can improve as you level up or climb the rankings. You can collect new dragons via the game's story mode, although there's also a gacha system for getting new dragons at random. Dragon Quest Tact is a great RPG with gorgeous, colorful graphics that keep you immersed in battle. This is the latest installment of this epic franchise, complete with the usual fanfare and plenty of game modes so you can enjoy the magic of this universe to the max.


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