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presto Miami Crime Police Icona del segno.

Miami Crime Police

Naxeex LLC 2.7.6
  • licenza Gratuito
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  • Download | 7
  • dimensione 98.11MB
  • ATUALIZADO 11.10.2021
presto Miami Crime Police Icona del segno.

Miami Crime Police

versione 2.7.6 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
Download | : 7 Atualizado em : 11.10.2021 Naxeex LLC


Acabe com o crime nas ruas de Miami
re are controls for specific actions, like shooting, hitting, getting in a car, etc. Tap and slide your finger on the screen to modify your field of vision and manage the map in the upper corner to know where you are at all times. Miami Crime Police is divided into missions you have to complete in order to advance in the story. Each of these missions is designed to get rid of the problems that plague this city. Drive in your police car and stop crimes or get information from other citizens in order to solve problems. When you complete a mission, you'll get experience points to help you level up and improve your skills. You can also earn money to invest in weapons that will help you take down the mafia and other dangerous criminals in Miami. Do what it takes to clean up the streets in Miami.


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